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Support Better Stroke Care

Grant funding from the National Institutes of Health that supports Florida’s stroke registry research is scheduled to expire at the end of this year without the opportunity to renew. The Florida Legislature urgently needs to approve $1 million dollars to continue and improve the work of this life-saving research.


Without a statewide registry to collect stroke data, medical professionals are not able to accurately review the state’s system of care to ensure optimum outcomes or monitor quality and safety.

To properly fund the stroke registry, the American Heart Association urges Florida legislators to support House Bill 785 by Representative MaryLynn Magar and Senate Bill 1406 by Senator Bobby Powell. This legislation also aims to codify current nationally accepted standards to best position the database to provide consistent outcome measures.

Floridians Deserve to Know

There is a second component of the bill to improve stroke care in Florida.

Florida’s stroke statute is not up to date and a new category of stroke facility needs to be added. The American Heart Association is advocating for a third tier designation level to be added to Florida’s certified network of stroke care facilities called Acute Stroke Ready Hospitals.

These hospitals would serve as a trusted triage point with the ability to assess whether a patient requires a designated higher level of care where he/she can begin a treatment plan based on clinical guidelines.

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