Support Stroke Patients on March 1. Let’s Get the FAST Act Passed


Later this month, 25 You’re the Cure advocates and over 160 neurologists from across the country are flying into Washington, D.C., joining together in support of the FAST (Furthering Access to Stroke Telemedicine) Act. This bill would expand coverage of telestroke services, regardless of where a patient lives. Expanding access to this vital resource would result in the greater use of the clot-busting treatment tPA (alteplase) ,  less disability from stroke, and lower costs by reducing the need for long-term rehabilitation care in hospitals and nursing homes.

Advocates on the ground will share their stories to raise awareness and educate lawmakers on the importance of having access to high quality stroke care at every hospital. But don’t worry—YOU can join us too in support of timely, quality care.

We know there is strength in numbers. So, in order to make sure every leader in Washington hears our call, we need your help in getting loud. Take a moment to send a letter to your legislator urging them to co-sponsor the FAST Act today! [INSERT HYPERLINKS WHERE NEEDED]

You can also join us virtually by sharing your story on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram with the hashtag [INSERT HASHTAG], or spread awareness by re-posting information about this issue on your profiles. [INSERT OR TWEAK WITH ADDITIONAL WAYS TO GET INVOLVED].

We have the technology to save lives and greatly reduce the risk of disability in patients who experience a stroke. Let’s ensure we use it.

It only takes a minute for a stroke to drastically change a patient’s life. In the same amount of time, you can click this link and send a message to your lawmakers expressing the urgent need for their support of the FAST Act today.

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