Support Nutrition Standards for Healthy Foods Offered in the Workplace


Obesity is known to increase an individual's risk of heart disease and stroke. According to the Centers for Disease Control, in the state of Oklahoma, an estimated 65% of Oklahomans are considered overweight or obese, 31% have high blood pressure and 10% have been diagnosed with Diabetes.  Because many factors contribute to these figures, the American Heart Association supports a multi-faceted approach to reducing obesity that involves strategies in the community.

To help increase some of these positive influences, the American Heart Association advocates for the availability of healthy foods and beverages in state buildings and properties for state employees and visitors. Implementing policies that provide adequate resources and encourage healthy choices will allow more Americans will live in an environment that supports a heart-healthy lifestyle.
Purchasing food that adheres to the Dietary Guidelines of America will promote individuals maintaining a healthy calorie intake over time in order to achieve and sustain a healthy lifestyle by allowing for healthier choices of food and beverages in the local and state facilities and workplaces. 

Such choices will promote:

• Reduce daily sodium intake
• Increase consumption of good fatty acids
• Decrease consumption of trans-fats such as partially hydrogenated oils
• Decrease the intake of calories from added sugar
• Increase vegetable and fruit choices
• Increase choice of a variety of protein foods

Help the American Heart Association advocate for healthier snacks and beverages in vending machines on city and state-owned property by taking action and asking your decision maker to support healthy guidelines! 


Contact [email protected] if you want to join our fight for healthier communities!

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