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Summer: Sailing, Swimming, Strategy

What is AHA Advocacy up to this summer?

hero_image_alt_text===Enjoying the summer.

It is summer in Maine. My favorite season. I try to spend as much time outside as possible. When we are not at work, you will often find my family swimming, sailing, running, kayaking or playing beach games. When I am at work in the summer, is time to quickly look back and congratulate Maine on a great FY18 (our year ended 6/30). Hooray for Tobacco 21 and Medicaid Expansion! Then it is time to take the longer view forward.

I spend my time looking at the political, bureaucratic and policy landscape in Maine and determining (with help from awesome volunteers) where we should head in FY19 and beyond. What bills should AHA encourage our lawmakers to sponsor this year? What are the heart disease and stroke issues that we can help to solve with policy change? What policies would reduce tobacco use and obesity? What policies would encourage more healthy eating and physical activity? Would state laws improve Maine's system of care for heart disease and stroke? These are all questions that the AHA asks ourselves as we plan out our year.

AHA is an evidence-based organization, so we don't take this planning lightly. Our mission is to be a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives. We need to carefully asses what we can accomplish in Maine in order to add to our efforts across the globe.

If you have ideas or want to offer your thoughts on how we can succeed, please shoot me an email at [email protected] Thanks!

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