Advocacy Tips for Summer

Summer is the season for the beach, backyard picnics, and pool parties. But it's also the time to make a real difference in your community and improve your advocacy skills. Here are five easy things you can do this summer to be an even more powerful advocate:

  1. Visit your members of Congress’ district office. Consider dropping off an article or letter-to-the-editor from the local paper that you want to make sure your Representative sees. Or schedule a meeting with a staff member to discuss heart and stroke issues that are the most important to you and your community. Since district offices are less busy than those in Washington, D.C., your advocacy can have a larger impact.
  2. Go to a parade. During the summer, many members of Congress and local officials will attend a holiday parade or local event. Bring the whole family and try to introduce yourself to your elected officials.
  3. Tell your friends/family about You’re the Cure. Having a family BBQ or pool party? Be sure to chat about why you are passionate about heart and stroke issues and ask your guests to check out
  4. Pay attention to congressional recess. During the summer, many members of Congress are home for recess, especially in August. Pay attention to town halls or forums and plan on attending!
  5. Prepare for midterm elections. Summer is a perfect time to get ready for the November midterms. Research your candidates, attend local forums, and register to vote! Pro-tip: Your local library has a lot of this information and is a good place to start your research!
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