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Sugary Drinks are Costing Vermont!


The American Heart Association recommends limiting the consumption of sugar-added drinks to no more than 36 ounces a week. A 20-ounce bottle of soda has 16 teaspoons of sugar, and many Americans don't stop at one. In fact, sugar-sweetened beverage consumption has more than doubled over the last 30 years --  with the average American now drinking 45 gallons annually!

 It's not surprising obesity has also increased.  Sugar sweetened beverages account for at least one-fifth of the weight gained between 1977 and 2007 in the U.S. population.  For kids, each extra can or glass of SSB consumed per day increases their chance of becoming obese by 60%.

And Vermont's not immune. More than 1/2  of our adults and 1/4 of our kids are overweight or obese.

Help reduce sugar sweetened beverage consumption. Make a better choice. Water is healthy and free!



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