Submit a Comment to the FDA

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced a proposed rule that would prohibit the sale of menthol cigarettes across the country! If finalized, BIG Tobacco would no longer be able to market and sell these dangerous, easy to use products that have been targeting and hooking communities of color and youth for generations. The science is clear, menthol cigarettes have a negative effect on public health, especially in underserved communities.

But BIG Tobacco won’t go down without a fight and we need your voice to combat their money and influence. Even now, just days after the FDA’s announcement, BIG tobacco is strategizing ways to undermine the FDA and delay and prevent this critically important rule from taking effect. Now is the time to stand up to BIG Tobacco. The FDA has given us an opportunity and recently opened a portal seeking comments. We must take advantage by submitting a personalized comment to the FDA in support! 

If we all pitch in and take just a few moments out of our day, we can make an enormous impact and really make the FDA take notice of our support for removing menthol cigarettes from the market! Please join us in standing up to BIG Tobacco by clicking this link and submitting a comment today. 

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