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Improving Stroke Care in Florida

During the 2017 legislative session, the American Heart Association will engage on multiple issues across the healthcare spectrum, including quality of care for stroke patients.


Florida passed groundbreaking legislation in 2004 when the legislature passed the first bill certifying Comprehensive and Primary Stroke Centers. But, we haven’t kept up to speed.

 The American Heart Association advocates for the following updates to Florida’s stroke policy:

 1)      Add a new level of stroke care facility called an Acute Stroke Ready Hospital (ASRH) to reflect the latest science. This will ensure stroke patients are taken to the facility that can best treat their stroke.

2)      Ensure standardized reporting for all hospitals to report the same data for every stroke patient they treat. Right now, a hospital’s reporting of data regarding stroke patients is voluntary, meaning the reported data is slightly better than anecdotal and not sufficient to assist in the development of “best practices” for stroke care.

3)      Recurring appropriation to ensure the survival of our Stroke Registry. Currently, our stroke registry is located at the University of Miami and funded by a federal grant due to expire in 2017.

 We hope you’ll join us in the coming months to speak up for a stronger stroke policy in Florida that will help stroke patients lead longer, healthier lives. 

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