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Stroke Experts Met with Legislators to Get Stroke Legislation Passed

Stroke Neurologists Advocate with Key Legislative Leaders to Ensure Critical Stroke System of Care Legislation is Passed! 

hero_image_alt_text===Dr. Lee Schwamm and Dr. Jack Curiale
thumbnail_alt_text===Dr. Lee Schwamm and Dr. Jack Curiale

Dr. Lee Schwamm a neurologist from MGH and Dr. Jack Curiale a neurologist from Mt Auburn took time this week to meet with members of legislative leadership and the Governor's staff. It was critical advocacy that was needed as we continue to need momentum and support to move this lifesaving legislation. Lee shared his perspective from a larger comprehensive center and the importance of getting the patients that have suffered severe strokes to quickly be brought to the highest level of care hospital. Jack gave his perspective from a community hospital and his belief that this bill would provide an opportunity for increased strengthening of the system of the community front line hospitals. I believe their dedication and passion for the cause helped show why this legislation is necessary and provided an opportunity to have any questions and concerns addressed and answered. I know along with other dedicated neurologists and survivors we will continue to push for this legislation to be passed this year.

Dr. Lee Schwamm and Dr. Jack Curiale



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