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Stroke Month: National High Blood Pressure Education Month?


As many of you know, May is American Stroke Month as well as National High Blood Pressure Education Month. But, did you know that high blood pressure is the leading modifiable risk factor for stroke?

About 87% of strokes are ischemic strokes. This type of stroke is caused by narrowed or clogged blood vessels in the brain that cut off the blood flow to brain cells. Because high blood pressure damages arteries throughout the body, it is critical to keep your blood pressure within acceptable ranges to protect your brain from this often disabling or fatal event.

Do you know the eight main ways you can control your blood pressure?

Not Just for Adults
During National High Blood Pressure Education Month, the focus shouldn’t just be on adults – but kids as well.  Children who have high sodium diets are twice as likely to develop high blood pressure as children who have low sodium diets.  Help teach your kiddos good eating habits today! 

Not only can we change our personal risk of stroke, but we can also make our communities healthier.  To learn more about our current efforts and to show your legislators that stroke and heart health issues are important to you, please visit our Take Action center to send your supportive message today.  Don’t forget to share your actions with your friends on Facebook. 

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