Stroke Hospital Designation


Guest Blogger: Marc Watterson, Government Relations Director, Utah

For the past few years, the AHA has worked closely with the Utah Department of Health to create Administrative Rules to create a state level recognition process for hospitals that have achieved certification to effectively treat Stroke patients. Hospitals must complete a rigorous application process that requires that their treatment of stroke patients meet the accreditation standards for stroke treatment and care as outlined by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JACHO).  

As of October 2013, these rules have been in place. The creation and designation of hospitals as Stroke Treatment Centers will ensure that stroke patients in Utah receive the best care possible as outlined by the certification process. The potential for lives being saved and quality of life being improved as a result of these new facility designations – and the care patients will receive at them – is amazing!  

Special recognition goes to Scott Brown (my predecessor here in Utah) who worked extensively on this issue, our WSA Grassroots team, and our many volunteers who contacted Department of Health officials to stress the importance of these rules.

I would also like to especially thank Kris and Rob Mateus who have been outstanding advocates for the organization. Rob is a stroke survivor and his passion and determination to see the systems of care in Utah improve have had a tremendous impact in getting these new rules in place!


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