State legislator introduces bill that seeks to control local policies

Local governments create their own laws because different communities have different needs. What a suburb of Pittsburgh wants, for many reasons, is probably different than what a rural town near Lancaster may want. The beauty of our country is that people can get involved in their local community and make it what they want it to be. It’s what creates the beautiful patchwork that is Pennsylvania and America.

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So, its concerning when we learn about legislators in Harrisburg that want to take the away the voice of local communities. Recently House Bill 1464 was introduced, and it would prevent local governments from making their own laws when it comes to food and beverages. It would also repeal any local law already in place and already decided on by the local community. These laws could create a situation where local government loses all control of making decisions for themselves.

Our Founding Fathers believed that “a government closest to the people governs best”. So why do legislators in Harrisburg want to take away your right to make decisions at a local level about what you eat and drink?

We call on our You’re the Cure advocates to learn more about this issue and join us in our fight to keep decisions about what your family consumes in the hands of you and your community.

We’ll be keeping you posted!  

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