State of Obesity 2014: Oklahoma Report


Each year, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation releases their annual The State of Obesity report. For 11 years, this annual report aims to raise awareness about the seriousness and impact of the obesity epidemic, through in-depth research and analysis.

The American Heart Association encourages lawmakers to pass strong obesity prevention policies that will encourage healthier lifestyles and reduce obesity rates.

The results are in for Oklahoma, and they are alarming:

-Oklahoma now has the seventh highest adult obesity rate in the nation.
-Oklahoma's adult obesity rate is 32.5 percent, up from 24.1 percent in 2004
-The projected number of cases of heart disease just in Oklahoma will rise to over 1 million by 2030

We want state and local governments to be leaders in the fight for healthier living. One way they can do this is by improving food options they provide in vending machines in their buildings. Providing healthy options creates a culture of health and will help combat obesity rates in Oklahoma.

Armed with this new data, will you help us tell lawmakers make obesity prevention a priority? Click this link and take action today:

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