SSEEO promotes programs at Vista Health System


Stroke Survivors Empower Each Other (SSEEO) hosted an event at Vista Health System, Waukegan, Lobby Day on Monday, May 5th (Picture on left is from the Sun-Times).  Stroke survivors and health professionals attended the event as it announced May as National Stroke Awareness month, recognized SSEEO partnership with Vista, and for Vista to receive the Quality Achievement Award presented by The American Heart Association and Stroke Association.  Read more in the article below from the Sun-Times.

Nerves alone would prevent many people from speaking in front of a group, but Phyllis Weiss said she knows what it’s like to truly be silenced after suffering a stroke seven years ago.

"For the first year, I could not say a word. I had to learn to talk all over again," said the Winthrop Harbor native, who now serves as president of Stroke Survivors Empowering Each Other, Inc. (SSEEO), an advocacy group that promotes therapeutic and educational programs for stroke patients.

"My work with SSEEO is very important to me personally," Weiss said on Monday, May 5, prior to opening a Stroke Awareness Month presentation at Vista Medical Center East in Waukegan. "My new mission in life is helping other stroke survivors and their families."  Click here to continue reading.

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