Spotlight:Karla Gomez-Meyer

We are excited to shine a light on an American Heart Association advocate that has a real passion for the mission of our organization. We are pleased to introduce you to Karla Gomez-Meyer. Karla helped run the You're the Cure booth at the 2017 Denver Go Red For Women Luncheon and again at Denver's Save-a-life CPR event this December. 


Karla_Gomez-Meyer.jpgMore about Karla- 

Hometown: Denver, Colorado. I'm a fourth generation Coloradan.
Fun fact: I love to fish! Fly fishing, fishing with lures, fishing with bait, ice fishing, deep sea fishing... I'll be there!
Favorite movie: Mr and Mrs Smith. I enjoy any adventure/action/thriller/comedy movies.
Kids: 27-year-old twins - Leslie Gomez-Meyer and Cameron Gomez-Meyer
Role Model: My parents, Yvonne and Arthur
Survivor? My parents' health concerns and deaths in their early 50's formed the basis for my passion to live an active lifestyle. My mother had a heart attack while she had terminal breast cancer and my father had one massive heart attack resulting in a pacemaker and quintuple bypass surgery.
Greatest achievement: Surrounding myself with kind, happy and informed people who are determined to make strides to pursue a healthy lifestyle and encourage others to do so. Spread the love!
Celebrity dinner guest choice?: Lance Armstrong - a great athlete who has lived life with the mindset that he is invincible and resilient, even through cancer, to ultimate wins in his cycling career. I'm most interested in his internal fortitude, and his opinions on heart health with endurance sports, particularly extreme cycling.
Favorite event: I love each and every opportunity to volunteer at a You're the Cure booth where I can encourage individuals to complete and sign affirmation cards to show their support of heart healthy endeavors such as healthy food choices in vending machines, and telephone CPR training for all emergency dispatchers in Colorado.
Why advocate for AHA: I recognize that I have the ability to make RIGHT choices every day. One RIGHT choice is to advocate for the AHA in the determination to help individuals and families recognize the impacts of food, exercise, and strength through community awareness and support, to influence and live active, quality lifestyles.


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