NFL Player, Alan Ball, Visits Florida Capitol


The American Heart Association has been working on legislation that would allow schools the opportunity to provide families a safe and convenient place to play and exercise.  The legislation protects the schools that enter into Shared Use Agreements or adopt Open Access Policies.  The NFL PLAY60 works hard to deliver the message to kids to get out and play and exercise for 60 minutes a day.  So what better way to combine our efforts and deliver a strong message to the families of Florida and to the members of the House and Senate at the Legislature.

During a scheduled committee week in Tallahassee, the American Heart Association invited Jacksonville Jaguar Defensive Cornerback, Alan Ball, to walk the halls of the Capitol and meet with key members of the Legislature.  Mr. Ball was promoting the NFL PLAY60 initiative and supporting the American Heart Association’s efforts at the same time, since both go hand in hand with making our children and families healthier.  

He expressed the importance of not only living healthy and exercising on regular basis, but also providing access to safe and convenient facilities to make it easier for our families to live those healthy lifestyles.  After many meetings with legislators and members of the Press, we delivered a shared message that Florida’s families could benefit from both having more opportunities to get and exercise and living healthier happy lifestyles.   

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