Help Cut Junk Food Ads Out of Schools!


It's pop quiz time!  One of these things are not like the others. Can you pick out the one that doesn’t belong?

A) Students
B) Physical education
C) Teachers
D) Books
E) Junk food ads

Did you pick E?  Me too, because all of these things belong in our nation’s schools except junk food advertising.  From vending machines and stadium sponsorships to cups and posters in cafeterias, unhealthy foods and drinks are being marketed in schools across the country.  But we have an opportunity to help change that.

Will you join the chorus of nutrition advocates speaking-up against junk food marketing in schools?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has proposed updates to standards for local school wellness policies, which include common-sense guidelines for food marketing in schools.  Basically, if a food or drink doesn’t meet the nutrition standards to be sold in schools, it shouldn’t be marketed in schools. 
Make sense to you? 
Please take two minutes to submit a letter to the USDA expressing your support for moving forward with these important changes.  The agency is only accepting public comments until April 28th, so don’t delay. 

In addition to food marketing, the proposed changes address a variety of ways to keep our students healthy. Nutrition and physical activity must be cornerstones of a solid education for every student and these new regulations would help school districts and communities come together to achieve that goal.

Thank you for all you do to help build healthier school environments for kids!


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