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Last month we shared that there were two bills moving through the legislature that we were greatly concerned about. These bills would have rolled back many tobacco protections in Montana. They would have also made it so that Montana communities could no longer make decisions around tobacco and electronic smoking products at the local level. 

It was not easy. We pulled out all the stops because we knew just how big of a fight this would be. You, our advocates, messaged lawmakers, some of you testified, others wrote letters to the editor. We are excited to share that we have successfully stopped both bills, HB 106 and HB 137!

Send a message to Senators on the Business, Labor and Economic Affairs committee who voted NO on HB 137 and thank them for standing up for Montana kids!

As you know the Montana legislature only meets every other year so we hope that by stopping these two bills we can continue to work with our local city and county councils on policy that will address issues in our communities. These bills would have stopped this local work and we believe that it is vital for communities to be able to make certain choices for themselves.

The legislative session isn’t over yet and we are still working on some other important issues, but we wanted to share this exciting news!

hero_image_alt_text===Picture of the Montana Capitol building
thumbnail_alt_text===Picture of the Montana Capitol building
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