Sodium Warning Law Remains Intact!

The health of New York City residents has won another round in the courts!

hero_image_alt_text===Icon of a salt shaker that warns of Sodium levels in food.

Earlier this month, the New York Supreme Court ruled in favor of the city’s goal to warn us when we’re about to consume dangerous amounts of sodium.  Because of this decision, the city can continue to enforce the Sodium Warning Label Law, a policy that requires a salt shaker icon to be placed next to any food items or meal that has more than 2300 mg of sodium.  This is the maximum amount of sodium the USDA would recommend a healthy person consume in an entire day.  Obviously, if a menu item has more than that amount in one serving, you deserve to be warned!  Excessive sodium consumption is a leading cause of high blood pressure, a serious risk factor for stroke and heart disease.  And in New York City, high blood pressure is a significant burden for African-Americans.  This law should go a long way to addressing the persistent health inequities in our city.

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