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Research from the Congressional Management Foundation (CMF) tells us Congressional offices ARE listening to constituents and advocacy groups on social media. It can be a powerful way to get our message before important lawmakers.

But just how do we do that? Click the video below to find out!



















In CMF's most recent survey of Congressional staff, a whopping 78.7% say they follow advocacy groups, businesses or individuals on social media for their Member of Congress. Social media is a conversation, even when the parties are not directly replying to each other.  (Source: "The Social Advocate - How Congress Views Advocacy Via Social Media" Partnership for a More Perfect Union, Copyright Congressional Management Foundation,

You can join the conversation on social media easily.

  • Follow your lawmakers on Facebook and Twitter, and respond to their posts and tweets related to health.
  • Post our requests directly to a legislator's Facebook page or Tweet at the member using the @ sign and their Twitter handle in your tweet.

You're the Cure is proud to be part of CMF's Partnership For A More Perfect Union, seeking to improve communications between constituents like YOU and Members of Congress.

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