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Snowflakes and parachutes


I really dislike the end of Day Light Saving Time. Who needs it to be dark at 4:00 in the afternoon? Who needs their kid waking up an hour earlier than usual? Not me. To add to the pain, it snowed the day we set the clocks back. Yup. Snow. We got 4 inches. I drove to Rockport the next morning (9 inches), past broken tree branches heavy with leaves and snow, past darkened homes and tilted utility poles. I do have to admit that for an hour and a half, I appreciated the end of daylight savings time. My entire drive would have been in the dark—but I had a beautiful sunrise instead. I stopped to take this picture on my way. There were so many beautiful sights, but the shoulders were icy—so I could not stop.

I was on my way to the Maine Association of Health, PE, Recreation and Dance annual meeting. It was a small but hearty group. The power was out from 10:00 PM to 3:00 AM at the Samoset, so many of them had been up for hours when I arrived at 7:00. However, the coffee was flowing and they were ready to roll. MAHPERD is a fun conference. There is music, parachutes, dancing and lots of fun toys. Even though my display table was not the most eye-catching, I talked to a lot of teachers who support our priority of training all high school students in Hands-Only CPR before they graduate. I did not meet a single teacher, vendor or even wait staff who opposed our efforts. Let’s just hope that the legislature agrees and we can convince the Governor not to veto the bill this time. We have a whole new crop of legislators to educate. I may not relish the dark evenings, or the snow, but I am looking forward to a fun legislative session. Even if I need a lot more coffee, snow storms and a few parachutes.

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