Snow Day!

How to make the most of snow days

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Sunday was beautiful. This is what my back yard looked like when I woke up. Less than 2 hours later, the perfect tranquility was wrecked. There were thousands of sled tracks marring the perfect snow. The sound of the bald eagle was replaced by 7 kids and 2 grown ups in an all-out snowball war. I was in the kitchen making popcorn and cocoa with a neighbor.

This was not the plan. I had a list as long as my arm of everything I wanted to accomplish, we were supposed to have traveled to help family, we did not have our tree yet and I needed to exercise do laundry and grocery shop.

The holidays can be busy and stressful and, in Maine, the weather can compound those issues. Today, for instance, I received that dreaded call at 5:30 AM that school was closed. Sigh. I had to rearrange a day chock-a-block full of meetings.

All that stress is not good for any of us, or our hearts. Do you know what is good for your heart? Stealing a few hours to just relax and enjoy the sounds of kids laughing. Trading your trip to the gym for a nice brisk walk on the local bike path (nicely plowed) to save a bit of time and to enjoy the peace and quiet of a snowy day. Sunday felt great and, even though, it made Monday a tiny bit more chaotic, I am glad we slowed down and just enjoyed ourselves.

Please slow down a bit this holiday season. Allow yourself to relax and go for a nice walk. We can get to our to-do list in a bit. It will still be there in January.

Happy Holidays from the Maine American Heart Association!

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