Smoke Free Little Rock Campaign Gearing Up!

This Fall, American Heart Association advocates will be pushing to make Little Rock a healthier place to live, work, and play - and we need you to join us!



When it comes to success, timing can be critical.  American Heart Association advocates have long supported comprehensive smoke-free policy, but Little Rock has so far been a tough nut to crack.  Recently, however, certain members of the City Board of Directors have indicated that there is an opening for Little Rock to take a leadership role in creating a healthier Arkansas.  But they - and we - need your help.  

We need you to reach out directly to the the Little Rock Board of Directors and let them know that a comprehensive smoke-free policy is the right thing to do: to those who are with us, encourage them that they are doing the right thing; to those on the fence, convince them that death and disease due to second-hand smoke is preventable with good policy; and to those who oppose us, tell them to get on board or out of the way.  

And it's SO SIMPLE to do just that! Just follow this link, fill out the form and click "Send Email" and an email will automatically be sent to each of the city board members as well as the mayor, letting them know that you support smoke-free workplaces in Little Rock!

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