Smoke-Free Texas: All Politics is Local




While state lawmakers have passed on a statewide smoke-free law that hasn’t stopped a number of cities from passing their own strong ordinances.  Right now over 30 Texas cities have what we call “comprehensive” smoke-free laws. 

That means smoking is prohibited in all workplaces including bars and restaurants among other places.  These are popular measures that see strong support when they are brought before city councils and even stronger support after they are passed.

There are a number of communities currently looking at passing smoke-free laws including: Irving, San Marcos, Waxahachie, and Lubbock.  If you are from one of these areas and wants to help turn your town smoke-free, let me know!

We need your help by: attending city council hearings, providing testimony to the council, writing letters to the editor, and recruiting more smoke-free advocates.

Email me if you would like to get more involved!  [email protected].

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