Smoke-free South Carolina Emerging One Community at a Time


You’re the Cure and the S.C. Tobacco-Free Collaborative have been working painstakingly towards a smoke-free South Carolina for some years – one community at a time.  Once 50% of the state’s population has opted for smoke-free air, we can pursue a comprehensive statewide law, so every new community that comes on board is a big deal. 

We’re getting closer!  Lancaster County was the 50th municipality to go smoke free on Nov. 26, 2012.  Their law will be implemented in March of 2013.  And Goose Creek City Council (pictured) just voted 4-3 to adopt a comprehensive smoke-free ordinance.  The ordinance will take effect on July 1, 2013.  Goose Creek’s passage means that 12 of the top 13 cities in SC will be smoke-free, with N. Charleston still holding out. 

The population covered when Goose Creek comes on line in July will be about 39% (nearly 1.8 million people). 

There is also news out of the City of Charleston.  The Charleston City Council approved a final reading to adopt a smoke-free medical district ordinance that would require certain streets and sidewalks around healthcare facilities to be smoke-free.  The policy will take effect on March 1, 2013.  

If you are living in one of the communities that has recognized the importance of protecting citizen’s from tobacco smoke, please let your lawmakers know you appreciate it.

If you are NOT living in a smoke-free community, you should tell your local lawmakers that this is important to you and the health of the residents in your community.  Prime the pump! Push the issue. We can’t say it often enough until they have heard the message and made the necessary changes to save lives.

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