Smoke-Free Casinos in Rhode Island?


You’re the Cure advocates (like you!) fought hard for Rhode Island’s smoke-free public places and workplaces law, but to this day casinos in our state remain exempt.  The scientific journal Circulation recently published yet another study highlighting the positive health impacts of passing strong smoke-free laws that include casinos.   

The new study found that when smoking was eliminated from casinos in Gilpin County, Colorado, ambulance calls to the casinos decreased by nearly 20 percent.  This corresponds to a nearly 23 percent drop elsewhere in the county two years prior to that when smoking was eliminated in restaurants, bars and other workplaces.  

We know that exposure to secondhand smoke increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.  This study is yet another confirmation that eliminating secondhand smoke from indoor environments is good for the health of workers and patrons.

Rhode Island is one of 28 states that do not fully protect casino employees and patrons from secondhand smoke.  There is a partial ban in place, but are designated smoke-free areas enough?   

Is it time for Rhode Island's casinos to go smoke-free?  Tell us what you think! 

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