Seven Months, Seven Cities



368,751. That’s how many Texans can breathe easier this year.

In the past 7 months, 7 cities in Texas have made a big step towards improving the heart health of their citizens. The cities of Sherman, Waco, DeSoto, Port Lavaca, Edinburg, Red Oak, and Duncanville have all passed smoke-free ordinances that will protect workers and residents from toxic and life-threatening secondhand smoke exposure. These ordinances will lead to a decreased number of heart attacks, asthma attacks, strokes and hospitalizations in these cities, and ultimately they will save the lives of many Texans.

This is a movement that has spread across Texas, but we didn’t do this alone. Each of these victories toward a healthier Texas could never have happened without the support, dedication, and passion of our volunteers all across the state. Their commitment to the health of their communities was a powerful force that pushed these ordinances forward!

While we celebrate these seven cities for their decision to protect the health of their workers and residents, we know the fight continues. We hope you'll continue to stand beside us as we seek to make more cities across Texas smoke-free! To find out how you can be a part of this movement in your city please contact Samantha Bender ([email protected]).

(Volunteers and staff in Edinburg, TX)

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