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Should Every Child Have Healthy Food?


Should every child have healthy food?  It seems obvious they should, but the fact is, in Virginia, many do not.   Many Virginians live in areas called food deserts, where access to affordable nutritious food is limited or nonexistent.  Lack of access to healthy foods is a terrible set up for health problems, like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. 

The problem is real, and has far-reaching impact.  Over 1.7 million Virginians (including more than 480,000 children) live in lower-economic communities with limited supermarket access.  When families must travel long distances to find healthy food, they are facing significant barriers to healthy eating. 

Learn more in this Special Report from The Food Trust:  Food for Every Child, The Need for Healthy Food Financing in Virginia

This we can change.  You're the Cure advocates and our invested community partners will be working on helping supermarkets and other healthy food retailers fill the gap.  In the process we will be creating jobs and spurring economic development. 

Be a player in the game:  If you're not already enrolled as a You're the Cure advocate, sign up now, and watch your inbox for opportunities to support this effort.  Food is a basic human need - let's make sure our children have access to food that is good for them.


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