Shot Heard ‘Round the World!


July 1 of this year marked the 10 anniversary of Lexington-Fayette Urban Council members voting to enact Kentucky’s first ever smoke-free ordinance. Recently, Ellen J. Hahn, Ph.D.,RN Director of the Kentucky Center for Smoke-free Policy and a key leader in Lexington’s local campaign and expert on smoke-free policy, wrote a letter to the editor commending those brave council members and outlining key reason why Kentucky’s legislature need to enact smoke-free legislation statewide.

Did you know that 38 communities in Kentucky have instituted smoke-free ordinance or board of health regulations? Did you also know that for every $1 earned growing tobacco during the past eight years; Kentucky spent more than $4 treating sick smokers? To learn more thought-provoking facts like these, please click here to review Ellen Hahn’s letter to the editor.

To learn more about current efforts and to show your legislators that smoke-free issues are important to you, please visit our Take Action center to send your supportive message today and encourage others to send a message through Facebook.

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