Short term health plans- a dangerous gamble with health care coverage

Bills to create short term health plans are being considered across the country. The American Heart Association opposes these types of health plans- but why?


First, let’s talk about what they are. Short term health plans are plans that are intended to be lower cost and provide temporary health care plans to people who need it. Sounds good, right? Wrong. What these health plans could do is refuse to provide coverage for basic health care needs. With short term health plans, care for conditions like heart disease, stroke, and pregnancy might not be covered. Additionally, these plans could discriminate against women and seniors and charge them more.
Did you plan the last time you went to the emergency room? Few do. We never know when we’ll need to use our health care, but when you do, don’t you want to be sure you have the care you need? Sure-we all want health care that is more affordable, but if a lower cost comes with less coverage, is it really a deal?
Quality and affordable health care coverage is something important for everyone to have. This is why we are concerned about short term health plans that aim to get around essential regulations in the Affordable Care Act that protect those with pre-existing conditions. There’s no reason to roll back basic protections that all Americans deserve.
Is there a short-term health plan bill in your state? Help us put a stop to it by speaking with your legislators, friends, and loved ones about these dangerous bills!

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