Sherri Maloney, New Jersey


On January 3, 2011, Sherri had a heart attack at age 41. She initially thought she was run down from the holidays and also had been battling a bad cold. She had started experiencing symptoms like extreme fatigue, overall weakness, nausea, a burning indigestion sensation, and a tingling in her arm. She had not recognized that she was having a heart attack as her symptoms felt more like a flu bug.

After recovering, Sherri became a NJ Survivor Ambassador Spokeswoman and You're the Cure advocate in 2013. These roles provide her an opportunity to speak out about preventing heart disease and stroke in women, an issue that she is passionate about. While volunteering at a health fair in Fall 2013, Sherri met a local mayor who was very interested in learning more about Go Red for Women. Sherri facilitated a meeting and as a result that town participated in Wear Red Day 2014 and issued a proclamation, which Sherri accepted on behalf of the American Heart Association.

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