Share Your Thoughts for 2020!


US Capitol


Each year, the Association creates a set of policy priorities or goals, that help guide our advocacy and grassroots efforts. We don’t take that responsibility lightly as the policies we promote literally save lives and prevent needless suffering. But, we certainly don’t know everything! That’s why we wanted to give you a chance to have a say.


What do you want the American Heart Association to focus on in 2020? Have you encountered barriers to care that you want addressed? Do you have an idea for ways to get Americans to start moving more and lead healthier lives? Something else entirely?


Oftentimes the best ideas do not come from medical researchers, DC insiders or public health organizations. Sometimes they come directly from advocates like you, so we are all ears… If you have an idea or have encountered a problem you think the American Heart Association can weigh in on, please share your thoughts below!



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