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Sung Nguyen is an active duty US Navy Officer. He received double bypass surgery at the age of 41, and considers himself very lucky. Officer Nguyen avoided a heart attack and stroke because he recognized the warning signs.“I learned from my cardiologist that all people do not exhibit the discomfort of chest pain. Some, only experience discomfort in their shoulders, arms, neck, jaw, or back,” says Nguyen.

Officer Nguyen’s normal 2-3 mile runs, were routinely cut short due to shortness of breath, which prompted him to begin seeking answers. Doctors identified a proximal lower arterial descending (LAD) disease and had a heart catheterization procedure done.

Ngyuen didn’t let double bypass surgery slow him down. Today, he is back to running and strength training. “My physical fitness is in better shape now than before my procedure,” says Nguyen. “I am a positive example that early identification and intervention of heart disease pays off.”

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