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It’s time for another Thirsty Thursday update! As you know, we believe in limiting sugary drinks like sweet teas and sodas in order to lower the risk of chronic diseases like unhealthy weight and heart disease. This week, we want to hear from you why our work is so important.


Below is the American Heart Association’s very own Katey Aquilina’s story about her struggles with soda:

"I was concerned about sugary drinks long before I started working with the American Heart Association. As a child growing up in the 80s, soda was freely available and I was allowed to have as much as I wanted. My mom and my family cared about my health, but nobody ever thought about the amount of sugar I was drinking. I would drink a 48oz soda at lunch and then several more at night. Easily I was drinking 100oz of soda every day! I gained a lot of unhealthy weight and felt terrible. It was impossible for me to control my sugar. I’d eat greasy, salty junk foods thinking I was “balancing” the effects of the sugar.

By the time I was in college, I knew I had to do something about it. My doctor told me I had insulin resistance. I still didn’t understand where it came from, but over time I stopped drinking so much soda. That’s what helped me feel better. Over time I didn’t even miss it and no longer felt the need to “fix” how I felt! Now, aside from a special treat every now and then, I stick with unsweetened drinks. I feel healthier and know that I am taking the steps I need to live a longer, healthier life."

Now, lets hear from you. 

Share your story below and let New York know how sugary drinks have impacted your life and your health! We need to speak out to address a serious health concern for New Yorkers. Your story will inspire many to take action and limit sugary drink consumption!

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