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Every year, more than 350,000 cardiac arrests take place in the U.S. in locations outside of the hospital. Two years ago, a Leawood, Kansas resident became part of that statistic. Now she's taking her traumatic experience and turning it into a teaching opportunity.

What began as a simple night out with her husband, soon turned into a nightmare for Nancy Holland and her family. "We had gone to dinner with some very good friends, and once the salad was served, I took a couple of bites, pushed the salad over to my husband and said I'll be right back," Nancy Holland, a cardiac arrest survivor, said.  The two were with their friends at Carma, a now-closed restaurant in Leawood, when Holland went into cardiac arrest in the ladies room. "Immediately, just went down to the floor, no pulse, no breathing, heart stopped," Nancy Holland said. 

"My world obviously had stopped,” said Jim Holland, Nancy's Husband. "We see all these red lights going outside and don't think anything of it, a few more minutes goes by and there’s more red lights out there and still, it's not even crossing my mind that this could be for Nancy," said Jim Holland.   

A woman inside the restroom alerted the restaurant manager who immediately began performing CPR until paramedics arrived with an AED (an Automated External Defibrillator). "Had he not done what he did, I mean, my family wouldn't be here," said Jim Holland. READ MORE

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