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Larry Hatteberg, a retired television anchor who now makes videos for businesses, was testing a camera when he suddenly became lightheaded. “I never get lightheaded,” he said. “This sort of came as a bolt out of the blue.”

Because it was so unusual, Larry checked in with his family physician, who had him undergo a stress test. Within 30 minutes of completing the test, his doctor called with startling news, telling him, “You’re going to have a heart attack.”

Larry, who had no family history of heart problems, was in Kansas Heart Hospital the next day for a heart catheterization procedure to examine how well his heart was working. Afterward, a surgeon told him he had at least 80 percent blockage in three arteries. The doctor gave him two choices: Do nothing and die. Or have open-heart surgery, Larry recalled. Click here to read the rest of Larry’s story.

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