Share Your Story: Jeff Embleton and Why Healthcare Matters!

Access to affordable, accessible and adequate healthcare is important to me for a variety of reasons. On a personal level, as a heart attack survivor, I know firsthand how access can save your life. Without prompt treatment, I may not be here to share my experience and advocate for policy that protects patients first.

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In addition, I am an employer in downtown Cleveland with over 50 employees. Healthcare is probably the most critical piece of engaging and, in fact, retaining employees. We talk about it constantly in our group meetings about what’s happening with healthcare. We try to keep everybody informed because it scares people. They have parents, and brothers and sisters, who
aren’t as lucky as they are to have a good health plan.

Two of my five kids could not afford coverage but for the fact that they went on the ACA because they got too old to be on my plan. I was recently talking to one of my daughters in Charlotte. She is concerned that under the new proposals being discussed, she will lose her current coverage and won’t be able to afford coverage in the future. She asked if I will be able to help her, which I will.

But, many families don’t have that option. Any proposal should be affordable, accessible and adequate.
I am an advocate for the American Heart Association. I understand the importance of healthcare. My family and I are the face of this debate."

Jeff Embleton
Proud Cleveland resident
American Heart Association Advocate

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