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Meet Ashley Lemke, Health Strategies Coordinator in Des Moines, Iowa.


What brought you to be an advocate for the AHA?

About a month ago, I was hired on as a Health Strategies Coordinator for the AHA. I have been able to participate in a few advocacy efforts so far including IWILL Day and I was also involved in the signing of the Stroke bill a few weeks ago. There will be more to advocacy opportunities to come in my position!


What Issues or policies are you most passionate about and why?

I am most passionate about increasing access to healthy, affordable food in every community. I'm sure we all know the cheapest foods are usually not "heart healthy." I would love to be a part of a way to make healthy foods more affordable for all Americans.


What is a favorite advocacy memory so far and what made it great?

I was able to be a part of the Stroke bill signing this month at the Iowa State Capitol.


Favorite way to be active?

I love to go on walks around my community.


Favorite fruit or vegetable?

I love honey crisp apples when they're in season and fresh sweetcorn!

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