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Healthy school meals help children get the nutrition they need to learn, play, and grow. Studies show children who eat nutritious food throughout the day have better attention, knowledge retention, and can have less disruptions in the classroom. Healthier foods help children thrive.


During the pandemic, the federal government provided funding, so every child had access to healthy meals at school. This met a critical need especially for families who were facing economic struggles and may be at risk of food insecurity. Access to school meals for all also ensures healthy eating is available for all children, regardless of income – because a child’s access to healthier foods isn’t a have or a have not issue – it’s something all kids need.

Providing school meals for all helps families:

  • Build equity and avoid stigma for children who don’t have the funds to buy lunch.
  • Make morning tasks easier and help ensure children will eat healthy.
  • Improve attendance and academic performance.
  • Helps schools reduce administrative burdens, allowing them to focus on the education and wellness of children.

Has access to school meals impacted your life? We want to hear your story.

Have you or your family been impacted by school meals the past few years or maybe when you were a student? Did having access to school meals provide you with healthier foods or save your family time? What would it mean for you or your family to have school meals available for all students?

Please share your story with us so we can help lawmakers understand why school meals should be available for all students and provide critical support many families need to thrive.

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