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  • Fewer teens are smoking than ever before, yet 1 in 4 kids are vaping. Learn what you can do to join @AHAOregon and end this epidemic:
  • E-cigarettes have been falsely marketed as safe. Instead, a new generation is addicted to nicotine. Join @AHAOregon’s effort now:
  • Vaping creates another generation addicted to nicotine. Learn what you can do along with @AHAOregon:

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The Good News: Fewer teens are smoking cigarettes than ever before.
The Bad News: One in four kids are vaping.
The Worse News: Kids and parents have been lied to about vaping. It was marketed as safe, harmless and cool. Kids who would have never smoked cigarettes are now addicted to nicotine. One flavor pod has the same amount of nicotine as a pack of cigarettes.
Learn more about vaping and what the American Heart Association is doing to help fight this epidemic:

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hero_image_alt_text===Protect Teens From Tobacco Flavors
thumbnail_alt_text===Protect Teens From Tobacco Flavors