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Steve Schauer, Nevada

I had a sudden cardiac arrest at my office and a coworker saved my life with CPR. Because he was CPR certified, he immediately assessed the situation and began chest compressions. He also knew where the nearest AED was and sent someone to retrieve that while others called for emergency help. The ambulance arrived fairly quickly, however I believe it was my coworker quick administration of CPR and AED that not only saved my life but also protected me from any permanent heart or brain damage. 

Since my cardiac arrest I have found most people are unfamiliar with AED’s and their locations, and are not updated on the recent CPR guidelines and laws.  It is my goal to help train and educate people about the benefits of CPR and AED use. I have been working with the American Heart Association to make CPR and AED training a mandatory requirement for high school graduation. Funding for CPR and AED education in schools will help more people learn how to save a life, like my coworker saved mine.

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