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Steve Irigoyen, California

I was a healthy and active professional when I first had a heart attack at 39 in 2002. Since then I've had six more heart attacks, a stroke, two open-heart bypass surgeries and 15 stents placed in my arteries – all due to weak heart vessels. When my doctors told me that I would need a heart transplant if were to have another heart attack, I realized I needed to make serious lifestyle changes. To reverse my heart disease, I adopted a vegan diet and daily physical activity. I enjoy cooking new healthy recipes, kayaking and walking everyday. I want to help others with heart disease learn to live. That’s why I advocate for heart-healthy policies like nutritious school meals in the Inland Empire and statewide and for NIH funding for medical breakthroughs, like the ones that saved my life. Steve Irigoyen, Phelan, CA

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