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Share your Story: Scott & Danielle Hawkins

In April of 2014 my husband, Scott, had an Ateriovenous Malformation (AVM) rupture. Fortunately, Scott knew something was happening because he had an intense headache and slurred speech. After calling me, we both called 911.

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That phone call saved Scott's life and was the only reason he made it to the hospital in time to have life saving procedures.

The  AVM aneurysm caused a hemorrhagic stoke and also a heart attack. 

After 3 weeks in ICU,  5 weeks in pulmonary rehab and 20 weeks of inpatient intense rehabilitation, Scott came home. Something I was told many times would never happen.

Before the AVM, we led a very busy life. I worked full-time, Scott was about to start Graduate School at Michigan State University (Go Green!). We traveled, spent a lot of time with our children, went to music festivals, road trips and spent so much time with all of our family and friends.

Now, a year into our new life, it is definitely slower. Therapy is going strong and it is so encouraging to see progress still EVERY SINGLE DAY. We love to spend time with the kids, going to the movies, out to dinner and watching them in their many activities. We are also so excited to make it to music festivals again this summer. Of course there are many new limitations and obstacles and it has been quite a learning experience. But we have found so many resources and met so many incredible people along this journey. Scott and I really are lucky to have the most amazing support system of friends and family that support us and are excited to join us in this next step of our life.

Now, even though there is still a long road of recovery for Scott, we feel drawn to start helping others. While in the hospital Scott and I were able to join stroke support groups and it helped,especially me, with staying strong and pushing forward. We hope to give that type of encouragement and hope to others.

There is always hope.

Scott & Danielle Hawkins

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