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Rayme Elliott, California

My son Logan, became sick overnight, went into cardiac arrest and tragically passed away at only 14 months old. For the first two months of Logan’s life, he had an undetected heart defect that left one side of his heart smaller and weaker than the other. Had Logan been screened for heart defects at birth, he would have received immediate treatment to prevent his heart from rapidly deteriorating. Pulse oximetry might have saved his life. I helped the AHA pass AB 1731 just last week! In Logan’s memory, I wrote letters, emailed and called lawmakers to share my story and ask for their support. Screening newborns for heart defects before they leave the hospital will help babies in California live longer and fuller lives. I am a determined to do what I can, whether advocating or fundraising, so others do not have to experience the loss of a beloved family member. Logan is pictured here, five days before he died. Rayme Elliott, Santa Barbara, CA

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