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Olivia Q Winthrop, MA

More than two-dozen first-graders were squealing and bouncing balls on a mid-February morning in the gym in an East Boston school when six-year-old Olivia suddenly collapsed. No one saw it coming. The little girl with the strawberry-blonde hair and no front teeth had been in perfect health. Robert, a PE teacher, rushed to the girl's side, only to feel her pulse fade away. He thought of his own young daughter, the same age, and got to work. Using their CPR training, Robert and fellow teacher Kathleen pumped the girl's tiny frame. It was an effort that doctors and emergency workers later credited with saving Olivia's life. Firefighters and emergency workers arrived shortly afterward and shocked the girl with a defibrillator. Olivia's heartbeat returned. Joe, Olivia’s father, has been devoted ever since in making sure all schools have CPR training and AEDs are placed throughout our community. They have even had a save with an AED they worked to donate!

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