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Written By Madelon Lawson BSN, RN, Nevada

I am very honored to have had the privilege to participate in the the process of seeing an assembly bill written into law. I became aware of AB414 when I visited the Nevada Nurses Day at the Legislature in February 2013. I listened to Christopher Roller, Senior Government Relations Director for the AHA in Nevada present his campaign to make CPR available to middle schoolers and high schoolers in our state.

I became very passionate about this project and began speaking up about it every time and place I had a chance. Governor Brian Sandoval signed this bill into law on June 5 which made for a superior National CPR Week celebration in Nevada. I will continue to fight the fight to make sure every child has a chance to demonstrate competent  Hands Only  CPR before he/she completes high school. It is the right thing to do for the citizens of Nevada and for a safe future for all people who may become a victim of sudden cardiac death in their home or in a public place.

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