Share Your Story: Karina R.

My father, Miguel, was an athlete his entire life; he did all the right things and took care of himself.  At the age of 48, he suffered his first heart attack while playing soccer. Like most men his age, he didn’t recognize the symptoms of a heart attack.


Luckily, as soon as he explained his symptoms to my mom, she recognized the signs and called 911. Fortunately for us, she has received CPR training from the AHA just a week before. The work of the American Heart Association saved my dad’s life that day. Although he lost a third of the function of his heart, he survived. Then thanks to research funded in part by the AHA, my dad received medication and a quintuple bypass that allowed him to spend 14 healthy years with us and watch his grandchildren grow. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long enough and we lost him on September 25th 2009. His generosity and beauty of being will be sorely missed, but the beauty of his spirit lives on in those he left behind.

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