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Jodi Pitzen, California

I started smoking at 19. Admittedly, I would still be a smoker today if I had not had a heart attack in 2008. Fortunately, quitting was not very hard and I am proud to say I celebrated my third anniversary of being smoke-free on March 8, 2012. Not only did I kick my life-threatening habit, I also improved my heart health by changing my diet and excercising regularly. I am a You're the Cure advocate and spokesperson for healthy lifestyle habits, especially smoking cessation and prevention. I was part of the public policy initiative to establish Symantec's Mountain View campus as completely smoke-free. Earlier this year, I helped the AHA spread the word about voting Yes for Prop. 29 because an increased tax on tobacco products means decreased smoking rates. Jodi Pitzen, Pleasanton, CA

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