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In 2005 after a perfect pregnancy, Isaak James was born.  Immediately following the C-section, he was cyanotic and went to the NICU. 

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After some tests, it revealed that Isaak was born with multiple heart defects.  He was soon transferred to Peyton Manning’s Children’s Hospital when it was discovered that he was in very critical condition and would need open heart surgery.  After a very long and rough road and after open heart surgery he was discharged to home but has since had other heart surgeries and 14 other non-heart related surgeries.  As a mother, you want so badly to feel like you are making a difference for your child that is suffering.  My way of doing just that is to be a passionate advocate for the AHA.  Isaak was just 7 months old when we participated in our first Heart Walk.  This past walk was our 9th walk and we have been top walkers every year.  The AHA gives me place for my passion, and has been present through our journey.  They have been a great source for research and information, and a great source of support.  Some of my greatest relationships have been formed through the AHA and the wonderful people I have met.  I couldn’t be more proud now that Isaak is finally old enough to understand why we are doing what we do, and how the AHA has made such a difference in our lives.  Being an advocate for the AHA helps me know that I’m playing a part in not just awareness but the advancements in technology.  Isaak had severe pulmonic stenosis and it wasn’t until the 70’s (when I was born) that the technology was such to fix these defects.  The mortality rate in these babies before the 70’s was 80%.  But, because of what the AHA has done and from being in the forefront of paving the way to technological advancements, my son is alive!  I appreciate what they do in my own community and that the money that my community raises is given back multi-fold to places like Purdue University.  My goal is that with my passion for the AHA, there is another family that gets the blessing of holding their child like I get.

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