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Gordon, Oregon

I was a healthy, active husband and father of two with no risk factors for stroke. I played squash a couple of nights a week, took walks with my wife most evenings, and faithfully saw my doctor for annual check-ups. I was on the perfect path of health and fitness, and yet I still managed to suffer a massive stroke on my 51st birthday.  

The onset of my stroke presented as a vision problem, not the typical speech or coordination problems. Because of this anomaly, my condition was not recognized for hours. The cause was eventually discovered to be a bilateral carotid artery dissection that created blood clots, resulting in a devastating stroke.

My four-year journey of recovery so far has been a grueling test of faith, perseverance, and teamwork. With an amazing network of doctors, therapists, friends and family supporting me, I am working to overcome right-side paralysis, the loss of my memory, and my ability to speak. I remain optimistic about life and hope to inspire people see that good things can happen, even when one doesn't think it is possible.

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